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Explore Northern Ontario

Black Rock Resort

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Escape commercial tourist destinations for a more personalized cottage experience in Northern Ontario. Discover the magic of Manitoulin as a guest at Black Rock Resort, which is located on the shores of South Bay in the heart of Manitoulin, the world's largest fresh water island. Black Rock offers a pristine balance of a beach waterfront and lakeside cliffs with tranquil views of Lake Huron, the ideal landscape for embarking on a range of wilderness and water activities.


The Holmes family has proudly maintained this breathtaking vacation spot for more than 50 years; this beloved resort has grown in harmony with the rugged woodland setting that surrounds it. Our family invites you to explore the unparalleled beauty of the Great Lakes where we hope to show you the hidden splendours of Manitoulin Island with a peaceful cottage experience.


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Leave behind technology, work stress, and the fast-paced city for a relaxing holiday in the sun. Spend your time at Black Rock by reading by the waterfront or keeping busy with the many activities we have to offer. 

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Explore Manitoulin by taking advantage of our central location. Since we are only 30 minutes from many attractions, including two hiking trails, Wikwemikong, and Providence Bay. Staying at Black Rock is ideal for exploring the island.

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